Data Cabling including Fibre optics

Data Cabling


Hi everyone, it’s Maria here writing my first blog for BM Tech Services.

It has been a busy week for the Web Designers, for myself I have started a new role in Social Media Marketing which is why I decided this week to write the blog. Daniel has been working hard finalizing the last touches on the new website and Sophie has taken a client’s outdated website and is re-creating a fresh new look using WordPress.

In the shop Craig has been out and about this week to Sheldon’s setting up their email accounts and checking over the server. Also he has been up to Egremont to West Lakeland Veterinary Group installing two new PC’s and planning a new network for them to be installed at the end of the month.
Matthew has also been working on a Database Project for Samuel Sheldon Ltd and has been busy uploading products to BM Tech Services Ltd Website Shop.

Matt has been working in the shop this week repairing phones and giving customers friendly advice and working on a data cabinet for a shop display.

My Dad has been busy designing Network systems with Craig and visiting local businesses offering loads of advice to encourage the use of Technology to simplify administration tasks.

Data Cabling is an essential component of any communication network and all this new technology means more cabling is required than ever before


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