This Week BM Tech Services Ltd has been out and about working with several businesses in Millom and surrounding Copeland areas, capturing some fantastic drone footage, enabling us to push their advertising throughout social media. Our Drone Force is now at 3, a Mavic Air 2, Mavic Pro 2 and a Mavic mini pro 3. These drones capture film in 4K at 60FPS and still images at 48MP. We can film your footage from a maximum height of 120 meters.

Due to the unfortunate break-in at the Millom network centre, Craig has been supporting them by installing new state-of-the-art CCTV Cameras throughout the building. This CCTV System also includes backup to the cloud, so the footage will always be available even if the equipment is removed.

Craig has also been busy in the shop with various Tech Support Jobs, printers, phones, laptops, ps4, and changing the shop systems to accommodate the sheer amount of video footage we are processing right now including callouts and a day at Thwaites Village Hall P.A.T Testing and Lexie taking some new photos for the new website coming soon.

We have had a lot of laptops with update issues recently some of which have been fatal errors due to the laptops simply being unable to cope with the updates, we continue to stay up to date with all the Microsoft news and many forums to find solutions.

WiFi Extender Options have been a thing recently due to the warm weather and people wanting to be in their gardens and there are really 2 ways to do this, you can either stick a wifi extender into a socket (cheap and cheerful) and have it extend the range of your router or have a good wireless access point fitted professionally this involves running a cable from your router to a point outside where you want the range to start, you can expect around 150 ft of coverage depending on buildings or obstructions in between.

We are also getting enquiries for a Simple CCTV Solution to keep an eye on parents (it used to be the other way around lol) these work from an app and can be shared with other members of the family these are perfect if your parents are needing independence and means you can keep an eye on them making sure they are safe and continuing their routine, they only need a power source and have a sd memory card option on the camera and also has the option for cloud storage too for double peace of mind Phone us for a quote 01229 774591

Daniel and Matthew are developing their use of the C# programming language and asp.net in between other jobs. Matthew is a wiz on Databases and access, excel, Matthew is developing more in the desktop applications like CRM’s, and custom programmes whereas daniel is developing towards mobile application development and website development using the asp.net framework

The Team are working on websites for a new holiday let for a customer in Ravenglass, A very talented Musician based in Grange-Over-Sands, Thwaites Village Hall and Mike Wolff Rallying, as well as the constant work on www.millom.org.uk

Maria is now developing her skills in video editing, working with several businesses to promote their content on all social media platforms, as well as taking the lead on the website for Mike Wolff Rallying, the rally car we sponsor.

Sophie continues to work with several businesses in the town, promoting their content on all social media platforms and writing their weekly blogs.

Social media marketing now plays a crucial role in promoting your business.

BM Tech Services Ltd is here to relieve that pressure giving you time to run your business while we take care of getting your name in front of paying customers. We can assist with all aspects of social media, including

  • Social Media Videos
  • Bespoke quality content
  • Promote your products and services
  • On-going research, strategy & development
  • Keep your business on trend
  • Content creation
  • Organic page growth
  • Social Media Images

We can also promote your website to ensure you are being found on the first page of the search engines.

For any enquiries or an informal chat, contact us on 01229 774591.

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