Here a B M Tech Services Ltd, we have been going through many changes within the shop, hence why it has been quiet on the blog site recently.

Firstly we would like to welcome Lexie to the team. Lexi has proved to be a great asset to the team, being able to complete tech repairs as well as social media editing and capturing some fantastic drone footage.

Let’s look at what has been happening here in the shop over the last few weeks.

Craig has continued with his usual tech support jobs around the town, including call-outs to fix printers, replacing a charging port on a customer’s laptop and working with a local business to sort out their emails on outlook.

Daniel and Matthew have been working on a C program that takes information on jobs and displays them on a screen. Daniel has been developing his skills in video editing and is currently working on a website for a new customer.

Lexi has been working on video editing with a few local businesses in Millom, capturing drone footage of their work to help them promote their work on social media, which is where Sophie comes in.

Sophie is the social media manager, which means she is responsible for working with the two businesses to promote their content on social media platforms. Sophie has been collaborating with the team to put the content together, which is working well.

Maria has also taken on the role of social media marketing for one business in Millom and worked on a website for a new customer.

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in promoting your business which is why it is essential to promote the right content and capture your work in action.

This is where B M Tech Services Ltd can help. Our team is highly trained in promoting your business and publishing it to a broader audience. We can also promote your website to ensure you are being found on the first page of the search engine.

Please get in contact for an informal chat on 01229 774591.

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