Managing Your Reviews

Online review management isn’t about removing negative reviews and focusing on the positives – you have to understand the root cause of the negatives. We analyse these so that your business can focus on improving its services and products in areas that generate the most negatives, which in turn will improve your reviews from future customers.

At BM Tech Services Ltd, we work with you to identify the review channels that have the highest potential of positively impacting your business. This could be through reaching out to current customers and requesting present feedback that can be posted online, as well as generating original positive content on your social media platforms and company website.

We encourage positive reviews, and work to catch negative reviews before they are posted and circulate online. Over time, with review management, your business should start to see an improved reputation, which in turn leads to more customers and a boosted revenue.

  • Strategy Identification and Organisation
  • Review Page Optimisation
  • Positive Review Generation
  • Review Optimisation
  • Review Analysis
  • Challenging Negative Reviews

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