Bill Amos

Managing Director, Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Graphic Design, Network Design Specialist, Video Editor, Audio Editor
  • Skills :
    Web Development, Graphic Design, Network Design, Video and Audio Editing, SEO
  • Experience :
    30 Years

My interest in computers began in 1992 and I really believed the Internet would be life-changing. I built my first website in 1997 using Adobe Dreamweaver and having spent 10 years building up my independent web development business, I decided to open up BM Tech Services Ltd. We started taking on employees in February 2021, which has essentially opened up a whole new world by introducing the more physical and technical side, and with 6 extra aspirational staff to our name, that has allowed us to introduce multiple different services into the business. By fusing software with hardware, we get to work collaboratively to create incredible products, both digital and physical. My main personal skills were web development and graphic design using content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla, with the help of the Adobe suite. However, since opening this business, my abilities have been forever expanding and I have developed in other aspects like network design and video editing. I am extremely excited for the future of the business and personally believe we are amongst the best in the country.

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