This week has been a long one for the website development team here at BM Tech Services Ltd. With several new websites coming in, Matthew, Maria, Daniel and Lexie have hit the ground running and will work together to complete them. We work on these websites in WordPress for the ability to add our functionality to them to provide a tailored experience to our clients. We work extremely hard on every website we make to ensure they meet our client’s expectations.

We aim to make websites look eye-catching according to our client’s instructions. We can design striking parallax effects on websites to leave visitors breathless, from commercial websites where customers can buy your products to a hotel’s website where someone can book a room or property. We can make websites for building contractors, steel manufacturers, and vacation getaway hosts. But there is an important thing to keep in mind.

Website work isn’t worth doing cheap. To perfect a website, and make it a true work of art, can take from a week to several months to complete. We don’t create quick, dirty websites for cheap because it reflects poorly on you and us and gives a negative impression on customers who visit the site. They tend to be clunky, hard to understand and misleading. Not to mention visually noisy or bland. No, we specialise in websites that you can be proud of, that we can be proud of, and that leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Free website builders leave their brand on your brand; cheap, quick websites never quite hit the mark. If you want a website custom-tailored to your needs with the support that goes a long way, then contact us on 01229 774591 or drop by our shop on 22 Wellington Street, Millom, LA18 4DE. We’d love to chat with you and get to know your requirements.

Craig has been busy with callouts for customers and clients around the local area. A popular request right now is printer setups. We can go out to your home and set up your printer on your WiFi for you, and we supply printers at reasonable prices if you don’t own one. Craig has also been working with the network centre on their internet and camera system to get it up and running.

Throughout the shop, we have been reworking how we handle video footage and editing due to the amount of processing power it takes and better organising ourselves. The system we have now, we believe, will help us produce quality videos for our clients and websites. Need your printer set up correctly, or are you having issues connecting your devices to your WiFi? Call us at 01229 774591, and we can help, from networking to device repairs.

It’s been a busy week for Lexie as well. She has been working through drone footage gathered at Ravenglass, Muncaster Castle and The La’al Ratty as well as stunning footage of Wastewater putting the footage together for a website project to help deliver a stunning impression to customers. Lexie is additionally undertaking a chartered manager exam which we wish her the best of luck for. If video editing is something you require, then you know where to contact us; 01229 774591. We can provide our skills in the field to produce quality videos for your needs.

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